About Us

Introducing Richard

From an early age Richard had experienced a number of unexplainable apparitions, some terrifying. This was treated as imaginary friends by his family; even though they became less frequent as he grew older, they carried on into his early teens. So he started to research reported sightings in the Rotherham area to see if others had had similar encounters. To feed his hunger to prove the existence of life after death Richard foundered the Rotherham-ghosts.com website in January 2004, where he could share information with others hoping that they would come forward with their reports

Introducing Joe

Due to a traumatic paranormal experience as a child that was dismissed by parents and teachers alike, he was compelled to provide evidence that what he witnessed during this episode was not a ‘dream’ or his ‘imagination’. This then fired him into a driven obsession with the paranormal. By reading every book on the supernatural and searching endless websites tracking down recorded sightings of ghosts to aid him to provide evidence to support his claim of the incidents that he had witnessed as a child.


To Date

We now have been working together since 2006 where we have been collaborating our information to publish in these books for you to enjoy.