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A selection of books covering hauntings from around South Yorkshire
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We believe that there is a world that blurs the lines of reality. In our books are some of the reported sightings and stories from ordinary people, who believe they have had an extraordinary experience.
We have run a successful paranormal website for the last 14years,
 www.Haunted-yorkshire.co.uk formally Rotherham-ghosts.
Throughout this time we have collected some weird and wonderful stories, so we have put some of these to print in our collection of books.

The British Isles are arguably amongst the most notorious haunted parts of the world and South Yorkshire plays a big element in this theory– these books are aimed at anyone interested in the legions of phantoms that inhabit many South Yorkshires homes, pubs, and highways.

When you ask people if they believe in ghosts, you will often be greeted by one of the following replies. ‘There’s no such thing!’ ‘There’s something but I don’t know what!’ or ‘yes I have seen one!’ The reactions of people who witness ghosts and especially those who have been involved with demonic cases are not always quick to reveal their true beliefs. Because they often feel embarrassment, humiliation or even guilt.

Unfortunately we live in a society that seems to ridicule and dismiss such reports right from the start. Many people including figures of authority and larger organisations do not want the public to be privy to such information. Neither do some individuals want their best friends, and closest relatives, to know of their plight or existence, sometimes going to great lengths to cover up stories to prevent you from knowing the truth. However, we are putting some of these to print, though some of the names and locations will be changed to protect their identity.
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